Demigods is a high fantasy game in which magic is at the fingertips of every being intelligent enough to wield it. And some that really aren't but have somehow stumbled their way into figuring it out.

Elite among the citizens of this world are the Demigods, descendants of the Gods of the Forces. Some are not direct descendants, but any godly blood can create a Demigod even generations after the first in their line.

What purpose do the Demigods have? Cres, God of the Chaos, scorned by his family for his mischief and deceit, has entered the mortal realms to spread his influence and steal the power of the other gods so he may be the supreme god. Chaos has spread across the land as his influence grows and the mortals are in grave danger without the aid of the Demigods.

But not all heroes wear armor. Some tend bars. Some are blacksmiths. Behind the Demigods is a world of possibility filled with countless characters. Every jobs is under a Class, representing a specialization of that Class. Though mortals cannot gain more than rudimentary magic, that does not decrease their worth to their Class.

So, will you be Demigod and fight back the forces of Chaos, or will you be a mortal just trying to get by in a world gone mad?